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Sheet Metal Components offers state of the art equipment and outstanding quality control and customer service, allowing for the production of a wide range of finely crafted component parts. Below are examples of the type of work we do. We welcome the opportunity to show our capabilities in meeting the specific needs of your product.

Laser Cutting
Our two Bystronics lasers can cut up to 1" thick. One 4000 watt laser with rotary axis is capable of tube cutting. The second has 4400 watt cutting capabilities. Our 2500 watt laser allow us to cut materials up to 5/8" thick, quick turn around time without tooling, intricate patterns, and the ability to cut metallic and non-metallic materials. Tractor Muffler Bracket
This part is remarkable because, not only are the components for the assembly laser cut, but the tooling to form the part was also made from laser cut parts. The components for the assembly fit together with a tab and slot location method so positioning the parts for welding is always exact. These are all features that SMC offered to improve the customer's design and price.


Laser Muffler Bracket

Welded Assembly

We have stamping presses up to 275 US Tons. Our largest bed size is 34" X 89". We run progressive blanking and forming dies, as well as single station dies. We will be glad to run your tooling. We will quote tooling for you, or we will work with you and a tool builder of your choice to develop tooling for the parts you want us to make. We can handle coils up to 10,000 lbs. and 188 thick steel up to 20" wide.

Welded Assemblies
Simple or complex, mig, tig or resistance (spot) welded, using robotic welders or not, we can cover all welded assemblies up to 1/2" thick materials. Our welding equipment and personnel can be certified to your requirements if necessary. We typically do welded assemblies from the very small up to 80 lbs.

Small Fabricated Parts